Domino® applets

When users run a Domino® application from a Web browser, some Domino® design elements are more effectively presented to Web users using Java instead of HTML. Domino® provides Java applets for these design elements so that the interface is more similar to the Notes® client interface. You can easily enable the Java applets when you create the design element.

When you consider whether to use the Java applets or HTML, keep these points in mind:

  • The applets provide a more interactive interface.
  • The Domino® applets require download time on the Web.
  • The applets use the Java Developer's Kit (JDK), Release 1.1.8 to support Java-enabled Web browsers. The only fonts available are typically Courier, Helvetica, and Times.

For a complete description of how the applets work, see the description for each design element:

  • Outline applet

    The outline applet lets Web users work with outlines embedded in a page or form.

  • View applet

    The view applet lets Web users use many of the Domino® view features, including column resizing, multiple document selection, and section collapse/expand without page regeneration.

  • Action bar applet

    The action bar applet lets users scroll and easily view and select subactions.

  • Editor applet

    The editor applet lets Web users change the font, color, size, and style for text in rich text fields.