Planning a composite application

A major new enhancement in Notes® Release 8 is the support for composite applications, a key element within IBM's service oriented architecture (SOA) and contextual collaboration strategy. Using Domino® Designer, developers can extend Notes® applications to be Notes® components in composite applications. A composite application can include any combination of Notes® components and Eclipse components. The ability to combine multiple technologies into a single application provides significant business value: It enables companies to protect and extend their existing assets with increasing degrees of flexibility, and to respond quickly and cost effectively to their emerging business requirements, with applications that are significantly easier to assemble than alternative application development environments.

To get started planning a composite application, see the following topics found on the IBM® Composite Application wiki at

  • Composite applications in Domino® Designer - provides high level description of composite applications.
  • Elements of composite applications created in Designer - provides a more detailed description of the specific elements used within a composite application.
  • Composite application creation process - describes the series of tasks required to create a composite application.