Associating the NSF with an existing on-disk project

The source control enablement feature lets you create an association between an existing on-disk project managed by the source control and the virtual NSF based project that Designer uses.

About this task

Use the following steps to create the Designer Application (.NSF) - On-Disk project (ODP) association or mapping. This is done from the Associate with On-Disk Project... panel.


  1. Open or create an NSF application in Domino® Designer.
  2. Select the created NSF and select Team Development - Associate with Existing On-Disk Project... from the menu. This opens the Associate with On-Disk project panel. From this panel, you select an existing on-disk project as well as select the direction for the initial sync operation that will happen after the association is made. The default setting is "Import from on-disk project into nsf_filename.
  3. Refer to the Setting the direction of the initial synchronization operation topic for more details on synch settings.