Prerequisite: Setting up the version source control system used with source control enablement

This topic describes how to first setup a version source control system so that you can use the source control enablement feature.

About this task

Open-source version source control systems (such as Subversion®) let you share projects on repositories, where they are stored afterwards. A repository is like a file server except that it not only stores the copy of the file system, but also stores its previous states and changing history. A source control system like Subversion® accesses repositories using network connections. This lets you work on shared files and watch for every possible change made by other developers.

Before you can use the source control enablement feature in Domino® Designer, it is assumed that source control plug-ins for SVN/Clearcase (software versioning and a revision control system) have been installed or have been dynamically provisioned in Designer. As a guideline, the following steps need to be completed in order to begin using the source control enablement feature:


  1. Install and configure the open-source version source control systems
  2. Create a repository in subversion server (refer to the subversion software documentation
  3. Register the new repository with the source control server by clicking New - Repository Location - New Repository Panel and enter the server URL and user credentials.

What to do next

If you do not already have an open-source version source control system installed, you can use the following steps to install the Subversion® system:
Note: Note: This version requires at least Eclipse 3.3 and does not support previous versions of Eclipse IDE.
  • Enable the Application - Install menu by selecting the preference that enables Eclipse plug-in installations.
  • Install the update site for SVN eclipse plug-ins listed on the site Use the Helios Release. GEF (3.4 onwards) is a pre-requirement for subversion plug-ins, so you are also asked to install the GEF plug-ins shown previously.
  • Once this is installed, install related SVN connectors from the following update site: During the process, you may be prompted for each connector plug-in.
  • To check that both these update sites have installed correctly, verify that the SVN Repository Exploring Perspective can be opened in Domino® Designer and then connect to the Subversion server.
Note: The example installation scenario described previously was tested using the following plug-in versions:
  • Subversive plug-in:
  • Subversive-connectors:
It is strongly recommended that you use these versions as opposed to the latest or more recent versions. If you wish to try other versions, however, then it is recommended that you try to use versions that match similar to the ones in the example.
Note: By default, the Subversive source control plug-in (and potentially other source control product plug-ins) installs the most recent version of the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF). If a version of GEF newer than 3.6.2 is installed, XPages will not display correctly when opened for editing in Designer.

To resolve this problem, when installing the Subversive plug-in (or other source control product plug-ins as applicable), install a specific version of Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) that is NOT newer than version 3.6.2. Version 3.6.2 is recommended. To do this, during the install procedure, uncheck the Only show the latest version of a feature per update site checkbox. Expand the .../gef/updates/releases/ feature, and select GEF SDK 3.6.2.