Domino Restyle

Domino Restyle updates an application's UI elements with a color-coordinated, cleaner look and feel.

Note: Designer access to the application is required to use Restyle.
The following enhacements are supported by Notes 14:
  • Restyled fields.

    Fields on forms are now restyled, depending on their type and properties. For example, a text or number field will render in the same way as an OS edit control, replacing the small open and close brackets with a native edit control. Dialog lists that do not allow multiple values are converted to OS comboboxes, while dialog lists that do allow multiple values are not. Updating the look of these fields gives an updated look to the form.

  • Create an application icon.
    To create an icon, select File > Application > Restyle. In the dialog, you can customize the illustration, shape, and color of the icon.
    Note: In Early Access 1, this feature only works on Windows.
  • Navigators in the application are restyled.
  • Applications can choose to change their launch property to a standardized frameset.

    For more information, see Launch property features.

  • Improved support for Domino policies.
    HCL Notes now has improved support for Domino Policies. Policy settings are applied at initial setup and each time the application is restarted.
    Note: Not all policy settings have been tested with HCL Notes clients.

For more information, see Domino Restyle for Notes applications.