View column requirements

DQL processing requires primary collated columns for view access that must meet specific requirements.

A view column must comply with one of the following collation rules:
  • be a collated column with the leftmost column set to Sort order of Ascending checked in the view.


  • be a column with Click on column to sort Ascending checked in the Designer View Column collation tab.
In the Notes® client, columns that meet either of these requirements have carets appear when users do a mouse over of the column name, for example:
Picture of a view with caret
In addition, to use the <SummaryField> <Operator> <Value> syntax for DQL processing, the following three attributes are also required for a view column:
  • The view must use Select @All as its selection criteria.
  • The view must be a collated column with ONLY the field name as its formula.
  • The view column must be non-categorized and marked to Show multiple values as separate entries.

If a view index cannot be found for a <SummaryField> <Operator> <Value> term, NSF scanning is used.

To use the <'View or folder name'>.<Columnname> syntax, the only additional requirement is the view must use Select @All as its selection criteria. If <'View or folder name'>.<Columnname> is used and the collation requirements and this requirement are not met, the query fails with a return code.
Note: <'View or folder name'>.<Columnname> terms apply two levels of filtering for the result set of documents, the view selection criteria and the query term itself