Date and time values

DQL supports the RFC3339 standard format for date-time strings.

Each of the following are allowable values:

All operators function against all date-time values. In addition, the @created and @modifiedinthisfile function identifiers will use @dt(‘’) values. So, a partial date matches values according to the part specified, if a single day, that day and if a second (or subsecond) within any day, that second. Without timezone modifiers (+ or – hh:mm suffixes) all times are taken as UTC values (GMT). To specify local time, use a timezone suffix modifier.

Note: Partial date values cannot be found using view searching. For example, the following queries return evaluation errors:
'myview'.datefield < @dt('2018-09-01')
'myview'.datefield = @dt('02:09:52')
To use view searches and partial date values when you want to find a date but the time is not important, specify the entire value, for example:
'myview'datefield < @dt('2018-09-01T00:00:00.000Z')
If a database has a full text index, a date-only search term such as the following searches the index:
datefield <= @dt('2019-08-06')