Scanning limits

Though the DQL processing engine takes measures to avoid dominating system resources, it is still possible to write and execute a runaway query. To prevent that, three limit settings are provided.

  • MaxDocsScanned – maximum allowable NSF documents scanned ( 200000 default)
  • MaxEntriesScanned – maximum allowable index entries scanned (200000 default)
  • MaxMsecs – maximum time consumed in milliseconds ( 120000 ) (2 minutes)
You can use the following server notes.ini settings to change these defaults for DQL processing:
  • QUERY_MAX_DOCS_SCANNED = <system-wide maximum allowable NSF document scanned>
  • QUERY_MAX_VIEW_ENTRIES_SCANNED = <system-wide maximum allowable view entries scanned>
  • QUERY_MAX_MSECS_TOTAL = <system-wide maximum query time consumed in milliseconds>
You can also use any of the API interfaces to the DQL engine to change these settings.