Importing and exporting LotusScript

You can copy text from any file into the current LotusScript event or object. Click anywhere in the script area then use the File - Import menu command to choose a file. Files with an LSS extension are displayed by default. To see other file types, enter *.* in the File name box. Click Import. If the file you want to import has a LotusScript object with the same name as the current object, the LotusScript Import Options dialog box is displayed. Choose Yes to replace the existing script with the imported script.

You can also copy LotusScript to a file by choosing File - Export. Select an existing file or type a new file name with the LSS extension and click Export. From the LotusScript Export Options dialog box select "Current section only" to export the current script, view, form, or agent object. Select "Current object only" to export all scripts in the current object, for example, just this button or action. Select "All objects" to export all scripts in the current database. Click OK to copy the scripts to the file.