Compiling LotusScript

Compilation takes place in two phases:

  1. A partial compilation occurs as you enter the script. Syntax and other per-line errors are reported at this time.
  2. A complete compilation occurs when you save the script. All remaining compile-time errors are reported at this time.

If you attempt to save a script with compilation errors, you are given a choice of editing the script again or exiting without saving your changes. If you exit, all changes are lost.

If you want to save a script with errors, make the incorrect line a remark by preceding it with an apostrophe or a REM statement, or setting it off with a %REM ... %END REM directive.

Errors not detectable during compilation are reported at run time.

If you change (Globals) on a form, all scripts associated with the (Globals) script, with the form, and with all objects on the form are recompiled. Scripts in shared fields and subforms are not recompiled since they aren't on the form.

If you change the script for an object on a form, all events associated with the object, but nothing else, are recompiled.

For more information on recompiling LotusScript, see "Recompiling all LotusScript."