Writing JavaScript in the Programmer's pane

JavaScript allows you to write scripts that function on the Web as well as in the Domino client. The Objects tab provides a list of JavaScript events supported in Lotus Domino Designer. JavaScript is not available for agents. For LotusScript Web agents, you can use Print statements to output HTML to the browser, including script statements. For example, Print "<script>function changeLocation(){...}</script>."

The Programmer's pane allows you to:

To program an object event in JavaScript

  1. Click the placeholder for the object event in the Objects tab
  2. Select the client you want the code to run in from the first Run drop down list.

    Client indicates the Notes client and Web indicates a Web browser.

  3. Select JavaScript from the second Run drop down list.

    If you select Common JavaScript, the code you enter executes in both the Notes client and a Web browser.

  4. Type your JavaScript in the Script area.