FTSearchScore (NotesDocument - LotusScript®)

Read-only. The full-text search score of a document, if it was retrieved as part of a full-text search.

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Data type



To get: score% = notesDocument .FTSearchScore


If a document is in more than one NotesDocumentCollection or NotesViewEntryCollection, its score is that of the last collection it was retrieved from. The score is correct unless you get the score from the current object after retrieving the same document from another collection.

Documents added to a collection have a search score of 0.

Documents deleted from a view have a search score of 0.

The score is determined by the number of target words that are found in the document, the term weights assigned to the target words, and any proximity operators in the search query. If the document is not retrieved as part of a full-text search, returns 0. If the document is retrieved using an FTSearch method on a database without a full-text index, returns an unpredictable number.