EncryptionKeys (NotesDocument - LotusScript®)

Read-write. The key(s) used to encrypt a document. The Encrypt method uses these keys when it encrypts the document.

Defined in


Data type

String or array of strings


To get: stringArray = notesDocument .EncryptionKeys

To set: notesDocument .EncryptionKeys = stringArray

notesDocument .EncryptionKeys = string$


When you get the value of this property, it always returns an array of strings. When you set the value of this property, you can use either a single string (if there's only one key) or an array of strings.

Each element in the EncryptionKeys array contains the name of an encryption key you want to use to encrypt the document. The document can be decrypted by any user who possesses one of the keys. If there are no encryption keys specified for a document, the document is encrypted with the current user's public key and can only be decrypted by that user.

You must call the Encrypt and Save methods to actually encrypt the document in the database. Since encryption works differently when a document is mailed, the EncryptionKeys property has no effect when a document is encrypted when mailed.

The name of each encryption key in a document is stored in a text item called SecretEncryptionKeys. This property returns the contents of the item.