CloseMIMEEntities (NotesDocument - LotusScript®)

Closes MIME processing associated with items of a specified name.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

Defined in



flag = notesDocument .CloseMIMEEntities( [ savechanges [, entityitemname$ ] ] )



Boolean. Optional. Whether MIME entity content and header changes are saved in the associated in-memory items.

  • True retains changes to MIME entity content and headers.
  • False (default) discards changes to MIME entity content and headers.


String. Optional. The name of the item or items associated with the MIME processing. "Body" is the default.

Return value



  • True if MIME processing for the items closes successfully.
  • False if MIME processing for the items does not close successfully.


This method allows you terminate the scope of MIME processing so you can safely work on items through the item interface. Do not work on items directly without first closing MIME processing.

Saving the MIME entity content and headers with this method is an in-memory process. To save document content permanently, you must call Save in NotesDocument.

This method returns False if no MIME processing is associated with items of the specified name.