Examples: Create method

  1. This script creates a new database on the server Zagreb and sets its title to Inventory Tracking.
    Dim db As New NotesDatabase( "", "" )
    Call db.Create( "Zagreb", "inventry.nsf", True )
    db.Title = "Inventory Tracking"
  2. This script tests whether the database QUACK.NSF exists on the current computer. If not, it uses the Create method to create a new database with the file name QUACK.NSF.
    Dim db As New NotesDatabase( "", "quack.nsf" )
    If db.IsOpen Then
      Messagebox( "The database quack.nsf already exists." )
      Messagebox( "Creating the database quack.nsf...")
      Call db.Create( "", "", True )
      db.Title = "Ducks of North America"
    End If