CreateFromTemplate (NotesDatabase - LotusScript®)

Creates a new database from an existing database.

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Set notesDatabaseNew = notesDatabase .CreateFromTemplate( newServer$ , newDbFile$ , inheritFlag [, maxsize% ] )



String. The name of the server where the new database resides. Use an empty string ("") to create a database on the current computer.


String. The file name of the new database.


Boolean. Specify True if you want the new database to inherit future design changes from the template; otherwise, specify False.


Note: This parameter is new with Release 5.

Integer. Optional. The maximum size (in gigabytes) that you would like to assign to the new database. This parameter applies only to Release 4 databases or those created on a server that has not been upgraded to Release 5. Entering an integer greater than 4 generates a run-time error that reads "Maximum size for database is 4 (gigabytes)," and the script fails.

Return value


NotesDatabase. The new database, which contains the forms, subforms, fields, views, folders, navigators, agents, and documents of the template.


If a database with the specified file name already exists on the newServer$, an error is raised.

The new database has the design elements and documents of the existing database.

CAUTION: The method does not wait for the new database to be completely copied before finishing. Therefore, if you are copying a large database, use Sleep to ensure that sufficient time is given for the copy to complete before using the new database.

If "Database file is a master template" is set in the current database, the ACL of the new database takes the following entries:

  • The current user with Manager access.
  • The server containing the database with Manager access, if the new database is on a server.
  • "-Default-" with indeterminate access. You should explicitly set the access for -Default- after creating the database.
  • Any bracketed names in the ACL of the existing database with the brackets removed; for example, "[Mary Brackets]" in the existing ACL becomes "Mary Brackets" in the new ACL. No other entries are copied from the existing ACL.

If "Database file is a master template" is not set in the current database, the ACL of the current database is copied to the new database.

If "Database file is a master template" is set in the current database and the new database is on a server, that server is set as the administration server for the new database.