Sign (NotesDatabase - LotusScript®)

Signs elements in a database with the signature of the current user. This method programmatically mimics the use of the Sign Database dialog in the Notes® Domino® Admin client.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

Defined in



Call notesDatabase .Sign( [ documentType% ][ , existingSigsOnly ] [ , nameStr$] [ , nameStrIsNoteID ] )



Integer. Optional. One of the following constants.

  • DBSIGN_DOC_ACL (64) signs the ACL
  • DBSIGN_DOC_AGENT (512) signs all agents
  • DBSIGN_DOC_ALL (32767) (default) signs all elements except data documents' active content

  • DBSIGN_DOC_DATA (1) signs all data documents' active content (hotspots)
  • DBSIGN_DOC_FORM (4) signs all forms
  • DBSIGN_DOC_HELP (256) signs the "About Database" and "Using Database" documents
  • DBSIGN_DOC_ICON (16) signs the icon
  • DBSIGN_DOC_REPLFORMULA (2048) signs the replication formula
  • DBSIGN_DOC_SHAREDFIELD (1024) signs all shared fields
  • DBSIGN_DOC_VIEW (8) signs all views


Boolean. Optional.

  • True to sign only elements with existing signatures.
  • False (default) to sign all elements.


String. Optional. Programmatic name or note ID of a single design element.If this parameter is not specified, all design elements of type parameter 1 are signed.


Boolean. Optional.

  • True if parameter 3 represents a note ID.
  • False (default) if parameter 3 represents a programmatic name.


This method signs all design elements of the specified type if you specify parameter 1 and do not specify parameter 3.

If you specify parameter 3, this method signs one design element. You can also specify parameter 1 to positively define the design element. If more than one design element has the same name and parameter 1 is not specified, this method signs the first design element with the specified name.

To sign all elements of a data document, including active content (hotspots), the method must be performed twice, once specifying parameter 1 of DBSIGN_DOC_ALL and once specifying parameter 1 of DBSIGN_DOC_DATA.

This method executes only on a client.