Description of document selection conditions

Simple search conditions

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The Simple Search condition determines whether a field contains one value. Because the condition reads any separators you enter as text, it can't look for all the values in a multi-value field.

The Simple Search condition also can't determine whether a particular field is present in a document. You must click By Formula and write a formula to do that.

Selecting documents by author

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Documents must have an Authors field for this selection method to work.

If you select By Authors, enter the name or names of the authors of the documents you want displayed, separated by commas. If you know a user's hierarchical name (such as Mary Sen/Development/Acme), enter it. If you are not sure of how a name is spelled, use the Domino® Directory to browse for person names, but do not select any group names.

Selecting documents by date

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The "Date created" condition selects documents based on the "Created date" in the Document Properties box.

The "Date modified" condition selects documents based on the "Modified date" in the Document Properties box.

Selecting documents by field value

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If the field is of type Text, Domino® Designer looks for the exact text string you enter. You can't enter "" (empty quotes) to select documents in which the field is empty. You must click By Formula and write a formula to do that. For example, to select documents where the Research field isn't empty, use this formula:

SELECT Research != ""

For example, to select documents that have the field Research, use the formula:

SELECT @IsAvailable(Research)

By form name

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The "By Form" condition works only with forms that are part of the database design, not with forms stored in documents.

CAUTION: If you add an alias to a form that is referred to in an existing view or folder selection formula, the formula will not display documents created or edited after the alias is assigned. You can fix this by modifying the selection formula to include the alias, for example, changing the selection formula from:
Form = "MyFormName"


Form = "MyFormName" | Form = "MyFormAlias"

If you are using the Simple Search feature to select the form you can resolve the problem in this way:


  1. Open the view in Designer.
  2. Inspect the View Selection formula in the Programmer's pane.
  3. Click the Add Condition button to reselect the form name to include the new alias.
  4. Save the view to update the selection formula.


Tip: It is good design practice to assign an alias to a form at the time of creation to avoid this problem.

Selecting main and response documents with a formula

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By default, selection formulas include only documents of the type "Main Topic". You can include response documents in a selection formula created with one of the preceding simple functions by editing the formula Notes® creates and appending the following:

| @IsResponseDoc