Identifying unread documents

To help users find new or modified documents, display the unread mark (an asterisk) next to unread documents in the view. A set of unread marks are maintained for each user, so even if one person has read a particular document, the asterisk still appears for other users who haven't read it yet.

Choosing a style for unread marks

These options are set as a design property for a view. Open the Advanced tab of the View Properties box, and select an "Unread marks" option.

You can display unread marks as:

  • "Standard (compute in hierarchy)"

    Displays asterisks for unread main documents and response documents and for any collapsed categories containing unread main or response documents.

  • "Unread Documents Only"

    Displays asterisks only for unread main or response documents. Unread marks do not appear next to collapsed categories. This choice displays the view faster than the Standard display and is a good compromise between showing unread marks at every level and not showing them at all.

Choosing the option None omits unread marks.

Choosing a color for unread marks

To change the color of unread documents in the view from the default color red, click the Style tab of the View Properties box and select another color for "Unread rows."

Checking the Bold property for unread rows displays unread documents in bold. Note that Domino® Designer R5.x does not support bolding of unread entries, so they will appear in a plain font for R5.x users. To highlight unread documents in R5 while using bolding to highlight them in R6, select a color for unread marks (which will be visible in R5) and then choose the Unread Transparent option to make the color transparent to R6 users (causing them to just see the bold font).

Disabling unread marks for modified documents

If the unread status of modified documents is unimportant to users or if the database resides on a server that users don't access directly, turn off unread tracking for all documents in a database to conserve disk processing time. Open the Design tab of the Database Properties box and select "Do not mark modified documents as unread." This setting affects all views in the database. Users see only new documents as unread; modified documents do not appear as unread.