Table of connectivity solutions

This table describes some of the connectivity solutions available to you.

Connectivity solutions


Domino® version

DCR - Database Connection Resource

Design element within Domino Designer that lets you define a connection to a database for use in a form or field.

R6 or higher

DECS - Domino Enterprise Connection Services

Forms-based development tool. Provides live access to enterprise data and applications, including relational databases, transaction systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

R4.6 or higher

LS:DO - LotusScript® Data Object

Provides LotusScript access to any ODBC-compliant data sources.

R4.0 or higher

JDBC - Java™ Database Connectivity

Provides access from Java agents to relational data via standard JDBC classes. A JDBC to ODBC bridge also ships as a part of Domino.

R4.6 or higher

Domino Connector LotusScript Classes

Unified object model with a consistent interface to programmatically access enterprise data and applications. These classes can be used with LotusScript or Java.

R4.6.3 or higher

Domino Connectors

Modules which provide native connectivity to enterprise data sources. These connectors can be accessed through Domino Enterprise Connection Services or programmatically through Domino classes.

Connectors to DB2®, Oracle, Sybase, Text & File based systems, EDA/SQL, and ODBC are provided with the Domino server. Premium connectors to ERP applications, Transaction Monitors, and Directory systems are available separately.

Note that the NotesSQL driver for ODBC access to Domino data is available for free from the web site at

R4.6.3 or higher

LSX - LotusScript extensions

Create custom objects that work natively with Domino applications as well as Java and OLE. Some examples of LSXs are MQSeries®, SAP, DB2, and rich text.

The DB2 LSX provides classes for programming directly to the DB2 client access library.

R4.0 or higher

Enterprise Integrator

(Notes® Pump)

Data distribution server that provides support for event-driven or scheduled high-volume transfer and data source synchronization.

R4.0 or higher

Domino Connector Toolkit

Provides developers with tools and information to build additional Domino Connectors and Java or LotusScript classes.

R4.0 or higher