Using ODBC to access relational databases

You can use the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) Version 2.0 standard to access relational databases such as DB2® or Oracle. Using formulas or scripts embedded in Domino® objects, you can integrate the data from many external databases into Domino applications. For example, a customer call-tracking application accessed via the Notes® client or Web browser can access customer financial data from an ODBC-compliant relational database management system. ODBC is available on Windows™, AIX®, HP-UX, OS/2, and the Mac PowerPC®.

Files required to use ODBC

When you install Domino Designer, ODBC modules that support external data access install automatically.

In addition to these modules, you need an ODBC library (or shared object) and a driver for the type of database you want to access. You purchase and install the library and driver separately. For Windows 95, for example, you need these modules on your workstation:

  • The ODBC 2.0 interface, available from Microsoft™.

    The interface defines the library of ODBC functions that perform the connection, query, and data-retrieval processes.

  • The Driver Manager, available from Microsoft and other vendors.

    The manager loads the necessary drivers used to access the data and acts as an interface between Domino and the drivers.

  • The ODBC drivers, available from vendors or available for no charge to Notes and Domino users on the web site

    These handle communication between the Driver Manager and the databases. Domino supports a variety of drivers. Each driver affects the specific capabilities of your application and comes with its own installation, configuration, and Help documentation.

    Note: Do not mix 32-bit and 16-bit versions of drivers, driver managers and Domino. When using 32-bit Notes clients or servers, use a 32-bit driver manager and 32-bit drivers. When using a 16-bit Notes client or Domino server, use a 16-bit driver manager and 16-bit drivers to use ODBC to make successful connections.

    Some Domino applications include ODBC drivers that are licensed specifically for use with that application. Domino cannot use these drivers. If you try to use these drivers, a message appears stating that you must have a license. You may be given a phone number or other information.

For more information about ODBC, see the Microsoft ODBC 2.0 Programmer's Reference and SDK Guide published by Microsoft Press.