Creating a database connection resource

About this task

A data connection resource (DCR) is a reusable connection between a Domino® application and a non-Domino database. You must have a defined data source on the server before you can create a DCR.

To create a DCR


  1. Launch Domino Designer.
  2. In the Applications Navigator, select Data - Data Connections.

    Any existing data connections display in the Work pane.

  3. Click the "New Data Connection Resource" button at the beginning of the Work pane. The Data connection Properties box appears.
  4. Enter a name for the connection resource.
  5. Optional: Enter an alias to use in place of the name.
  6. Optional: Enter a comment describing the connection.
  7. Select the class of application you are connecting to -- that is, the type of database.
  8. Select the type of connection. Certain databases, such as DB2® and Oracle, have native drivers that are listed as an available type of connection. If a specific driver is not available, choose a generic one, such as ODBC or OLE DB. For example, to access an MS Access database, choose OLE DB as the connection type.
  9. Enter the username and password you use to access the system you are connecting to.
  10. Enter the name of the data source that maps to the external application you plan to access. Depending on the type of database you are connecting to, you may have to supply specific connectivity information such as aserver name, a host string, or a catalog.
  11. Select the type of object to connect to: Table, View, or Pocedure.
  12. Enter the User ID for the owner of the table or view. The owner is the creator of the database you are connecting to. The owner must supply you with the correct owner ID, which is typically in the format ownername.tablename. In the case of a procedure, you must also enter the procedure name for any of the document events that will trigger the procedure.
  13. Enter the name of the table, view, or procedure. You can click the "Browse Metadata" button to browse the external database for the name of the table, view, or procedure.
  14. Optional: Click the Options tab to customize the settings for the DCR.