Color fields

A color field lets you display a color picker on a form. When the user clicks the down arrow of a color field, a color chart appears with two tabs. The user can choose a color using either tab.

  • At the Notes/Web tab, the user can choose from a Notes® color palette or a Web color palette. Note that the Notes tab becomes the Web tab only if the user has enabled "Use Web palette" (File - Preferences - User Preferences).

    The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value appears at the end of the palette for each color. If you are using the Notes palette, the name of the color also appears.

  • At the RGB tab, the user can either enter values from 0-255 for Red, Green, and Blue or can use the RGB sliding arrows to choose a value from 0-255. The mixed color appears in the box preceding the RGB values. The user can also use the color matrix bars at the end of the pane to define a color.

Note that the user must be running in a color mode greater than 256 color to see the real color. If a user enters an RGB not in the palette and the user is in 256 color mode, then the closest color in the palette will be displayed for the RGB. The correct RGB will be stored and will appear correctly on systems with greater than 256 colors.

The chosen color is stored in RGB hexadecimal format. The first 2 characters are always zero, the next two the red value, the next two the green value, and the last two the blue value. E.g., "00FF0000" = red, "0000FF00" = green, "000000FF" = blue, "00FFFFFF" = white, "00000000" = black.