JavaScript for automation

Use JavaScript for shared and unshared actions, buttons, action hotspots, picture hotspots, script libraries, and events. JavaScript Version 1.3 is currently supported.

JavaScript is particularly useful for providing interactive components, such as:

  • Form and field validation
  • Mouse effects (such as image rollover buttons and friendlier URLs)
  • Numeric calculations
  • Dialog box simulations

If you have selected JavaScript, you can write code that executes in either the Notes® client or on the Web. If you have selected Common JavaScript, you can write code that executes in both the Notes® client and on the Web.

When you use JavaScript, more processing can be done at the workstation instead of the server, thereby reducing network traffic and improving run-time task processing.

JavaScript works with Notes® objects, such as windows, documents, or fields. The objects that you can attach to JavaScript vary, according to the component you are working on. In the Info List, click Objects to see what is available. For example, set up a JavaScript automated task for an OnClick event in a hotspot.

You can also check the following table to see what JavaScript objects are available in each automated component and whether they are supported in different browsers and the Notes® client.