Creating a formula pop-up

About this task


A formula pop-up completes a programmed task using only formulas. The results display in the pop-up on the page or form.


  1. Open the page or form you want to add the pop-up to, or edit a document.
  2. Select text or an image to associate with the formula pop-up.
  3. Choose Create - Hotspot - Formula Pop-up.
  4. On the Info tab of the HotSpot Pop-up Properties box, do one or both of the following:
    • Select whether to pop up the formula when the user mouses over or clicks the hotspot.
    • Select whether to identify the hotspot with a border and whether to highlight the text.
  5. Optional: On the Hide When tab, specify when to hide the pop-up.
  6. In the Info List, click Objects and select the hotspot you just created.
  7. Enter its formula.
  8. Save the form or document.


Note: Consider using formulas that display information, such as @Time. Also, do not use formulas that take action, such as @OpenView.

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