Sharing, locking, and editing design elements

Notes® is a powerful tool because it helps developers work collaboratively. Domino® Designer enhances team work by enabling developers to:

  • Edit multiple design elements
  • Share resources across databases
  • Lock design elements

Editing multiple design elements

With Domino® Designer, you can update or edit properties of all the instances of a particular design element that occur in a database. For instance, you could update or edit the following element properties:

  • Hide/when formulas
  • Template inheritance settings
  • Design refresh settings

For example, you can update all the forms in a database to hide them from the Notes® client.

Sharing resources across databases

By sharing resources, the development work of one team member does not have to be rewritten elsewhere in the application, but can be directly incorporated as is, or can be incorporated, then tweaked by another member of the team to suit the purposes of a different area of the application.

The Domino® Designer resources that can be shared in a database include:

Locking documents and design elements

In Domino® Designer, not only can you share elements within a database, but you can also share them across databases. Notes® lets developers lock the elements they design. This prevents two or more team members from making changes to one element at the same time.

For more information, see Allowing document locking.