Communicating across platforms

Domino® data can be shared across platforms because IBM® Domino® supports two of the most widely used, multiple platform technologies:

  • JavatmServer pages (JSPs)
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML)

JavaServer pages

You can retrieve Domino® data from an NSF database for use in a JavaServer page (JSP). Domino® Designer includes custom tag libraries that you can include in your Web site directory files. These libraries are made up of several JSP tags. JSP tags are similar to HTML tags, except that they contain instructions for executing complicated Java programming logic, instead of instructions for defining how to format the contents of the tag. The logic in the Domino® tag library is specifically designed to retrieve, edit, and otherwise manipulate Domino® data, but the complicated logic itself always takes place behind the scenes. Once the libraries are included in a page, all the page developer has to do is include a tag in a page and all the programmatic capabilities of the tag are automatically available.

Note: The JSP containing the Domino® custom tag libraries must be hosted by a server that provides a rich J2EE Web development environment, like the IBM® WebSphere® Enterprise Edition server or Application server 4.02.

For complete information on using JSP tags, refer to documentation found on the Notes® Domino® Application Development wiki at


Domino® data can now be exported and imported from a database as XML. XML, the Extensible Markup Language, is a meta-language that enables you to define data using tags. XML tags are similar to HTML tags, except that they define the content within a tag, instead of defining how to format the contents of a tag.

Since you can export data from a Notes® database as XML, it can then be transferred to other platforms. Once each platform agrees on a set of XML tag definitions, transferring the data between them or transforming it via a style sheet for optimum display on various devices, is easy.

For more information, see Viewing the XML in an application with DXL utilities.