ViewRebuild (NotesUIWorkspace - LotusScript®)

Rebuilds a UI view from its associated back-end view.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

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Call notesUIWorkspace .ViewRebuild( [ viewrebuild ] , [ loadpreferences ] )



Boolean. Defaults to True. Rebuilds the view design, for example, to capture a change in a column formula.


Boolean. Defaults to False. In a calendar view, reloads the view properties (preferences). This parameter has no effect in a non-calendar view.


You do not have to use this method to update the view. ViewRefresh is more efficient.

If a view is in the active window, this method rebuilds that view.

If a document is in the active window, this method rebuilds the view associated with the document when the view's window is activated.

This method first refreshes the associated back-end view unless the code containing the method is running in a UI document. To refresh a UI view from within a document, first call Refresh of NotesView.