Refresh (NotesView - LotusScript®)

Updates the view index to reflect any document changes since the NotesView object was created, or since the index was last refreshed.

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Call notesView .Refresh


By default, refresh is automatic when view navigation touches an update. See AutoUpdate.

After a refresh, existing navigators and entries based on this NotesView object may contain invalid information. The typical error message is "Entry not found in index."

This method does not refresh the front-end view that the interactive user sees, nor does it rebuild the front-end view. See ViewRefresh and ViewRebuild in NotesUIWorkspace. Use ViewRebuild if there is some possibility that the existing view entries for unmodified documents are incorrect. This can happen if the view selection formula or column formulas are something like @ToTime("today"), preventing the view indexer from realizing that the formula value can change even if the document does not. It may also make sense to use Rebuild if you know that nearly all the documents in it have changed.