AutoUpdate (NotesView - LotusScript®)

Read-write. Indicates whether a view is automatically refreshed by the currently running code when a navigation method touches an update (addition, deletion, or change) to the database that occurred after view creation or the last refresh.

Defined in


Data type



To get: flag = notesView .AutoUpdate

To set: notesView .AutoUpdate = flag

Legal values

  • True (default) indicates that the view is automatically refreshed.
  • False indicates that the view is not automatically refreshed.


It is best to avoid automatically updating the view by explicitly setting this property to False especially if the view is a base for navigators or entry collections. Automatic updates degrade performance and may invalidate entries in child objects ("Entry not found in index").

If this property is False, you must call Refresh to navigate to an update.

Even if this property is True, you must call Refresh if you are not navigating to an update and you want the view refreshed, for example, to get the top level entry count.

This method does not refresh the front-end view that the interactive user sees, nor does it rebuild the front-end view. See ViewRefresh and ViewRebuild in NotesUIWorkspace.

CAUTION: This property only addresses refreshes by the currently running code. Other code, such as running the Updall task against the database, will update the view index and NotesViewNavigator regardless of the value of this property. If it is necessary to process every document in a view, do not rely upon a view remaining static.