UseLSX (NotesUIWorkspace - LotusScript®)

Loads a LotusScript® extensions (LSX) file containing Public definitions.

Defined in



Call notesUIWorkspace .UseLSX( lsxLibraryName$ )



String. The lsx file to load, either a name prepended with an asterisk or the full path name of the file. If you specify a name prepended with an asterisk (for example, "*lsxodbc"), the file is determined by searching the registry, initialization file, or preferences file, depending on the client platform. The Windows95 registry, for example, might contain an entry for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Lotus®, Components, LotusScriptExtensions, 2.0, LSXODBC, whose value is "c:\notes95\nlsxodbc.dll."


LotusScript® registers the Public classes defined in the LSX file for use in the module containing the UseLSX statement. Other modules that use the containing module can also access the Public classes.