Class or type name not found: <name>

You used a name that does not refer to an existing class or user-defined data type where one of these was required. You used the name in one of the following contexts:

  • A variable declaration, as in:
    Dim X As ClassName
    Dim X As User-definedTypeName
  • A derived class declaration, as in:
    Class NewClassName As ClassName

    Class ClassName As ClassName is also illegal even if ClassName exists because a class may not be derived from itself.

  • A Set statement, as in:
    Set X = New ClassName
  • A base class reference in a derived class method, as in:
    Call ClassName..MethodName
  • A Bind statement (product classes only), as in:
    Set X = Bind ClassName (objectName)

Declare the class or user-defined data type before you refer to it.