Name previously declared: <name>

A name that has already been declared in the current scopeis being declared again in the same name space. Names that reside in the same name space may only be declared once in a scope. Each module, sub, function, property, class, and user-defined data type has a particular scope. LotusScript® has three separate name spaces:

  • Variable, Const, Sub, Function, and Property names
  • Type and Class names
  • Labels

For example, a module-scope variable may have the same name as a class defined in that module, because variable names and class names are in different namespaces and therefore don't conflict. However, a module-scope variable may not have the same name as a function defined in that module.

The name space where a name resides doesn't depend on whether the name is declared Public, Private, or external (declared by the external Declarestatement). All of these share the same name space.

Remove the duplicate declaration.