Setting display properties for an embedded view

About this task

After embedding a view on a page or form, you can set a variety of display properties that control what users see.


  1. Select the embedded view on a page or form and choose Element - View properties.
  2. Click the Display tab and specify any of the following display properties:
    • Specify the dimensions for the embedded view in the Size section.
    • "Show header" shows the column names for the view.
    • "Selection tracks mouse movement "moves a selection box over documents as you mouse-over them. If this option is checked, "show selection margin" cannot be checked. Also, note that this options is not available when a view is set to allow users to edit document from the view.
    • "Transparent background" overlays the view contents on the page or form background.
    • "Show entries as Web links" displays each view entry as a clickable link.
    • "Show Action Bar" displays the action bar for the view for Notes® client users. This feature is not supported on the Web.
    • "Show selection margin" adds white space around the view for Notes® client users. If this option is checked, "Selection tracks mouse movement" cannot be checked.
    • "Show Only Current® Thread" displays the parent and response documents associated with the current document. This is useful in a threaded discussion database.
    • "Summarize calendar entries" displays a calendar view in Summarize mode when the view is launched. Once the view is displayed, a user can change the display mode for the view. If this option is not selected, the view displays in the last state saved. This option has no effect on standard views.
    • "Show recent first" scrolls the view to show new messages at the beginning of the view rather than at the end. This option is for use with mail views to force a display from newer to older messages.
  3. Click the Border tab and specify display properties for the view border.