To set line counts in embedded views

About this task

For embedded views, you can specify the number of lines to display in the browser. Note that the line count property is ignored if you choose a view applet to display the embedded view.


  1. Create an embedded view.
  2. In the Info tab of the Embedded View Properties box, enter the number of lines next to "Lines to display in the browser."

    If you check Default, the embedded view acts in the same way it did in previous releases, so that the line count value is controlled server-wide from the NOTES.INI file.


In the Web server, you can determine the number of lines displayed by looking (in order) at the following sources:

  • If the URL contains an "&Count" argument, use that number.
  • If there is no "&Count" argument, look at the number specified in the Embedded View Properties box.
  • If no number is specified in the Embedded View Properties box, use the server-wide default for the number of lines.