SendConsoleCommand (NotesSession - LotusScript®)

Sends a console command to a Domino® server.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

Defined in



consoleReturn$ = notesSession .SendConsoleCommand( serverName$ , consoleCommand$ )



String. The name of the server. The user must have administrative access to the server. Use an empty string ("") to indicate the current computer.


String. The console command. Must be a valid console command.

Return value


String. The server's response to the command. This value is the same as would be sent to a remote console.


This method can be used in a scheduled agent on a server to send console commands to another server. The signer of the agent must have privilege to "Run unrestricted methods and operations" on the server receiving the console command.

If this method is executed on a client, the current user must have privilege under "Full Remote Console Administrators" on the server receiving the console command.

If a console command abruptly closes the network connection to the server (for example, "drop all"), subsequent commands to the server fail with a network timeout until the connection is reestablished.