InitializeUsingNotesUserName (NotesSession - LotusScript®)

Initializes a COM session with a specified user name.

Note: This method is new with Release 5.0.2b.
Note: This method is supported in COM only.

Defined in



Call notesSession .InitializeUsingNotesUserName( name$ [, password$ ] )



String. The user name. Can be an empty string. If you specify a name, this method looks it up in the local Domino® Directory and permits access to the local server depending on the "Server Access" and "COM Restrictions" settings. If you do not specify a name, access is granted if the server permits Anonymous access.


String. Optional. The password must match the Internet password associated with the name.


This method can be used only on a computer with a Domino® server. You can access only the local server through the Domino® Objects.

This method assumes that you trust the local Domino® installation.