AddressBooks (NotesSession - LotusScript®)

Read-only. The Domino® Directories and Personal Address Books, including directory catalogs, known to the current session.

Note: Inclusion of directory catalogs in this property is new with Release 5.0.5.

Defined in


Data type

Array of NotesDatabase objects


To get: notesDatabaseArray = notesSession .AddressBooks


To distinguish between a Domino® Directory and Personal Address Book, use the IsPublicAddressBook and IsPrivateAddressBook properties of a database. You can test these properties before opening the database.

To distinguish a directory catalog, use the IsDirectoryCatalog property of a database. You can test this property only after opening the database. Either IsPublicAddressBook or IsPrivateAddressBook is also True for a directory catalog.

A database retrieved through AddressBooks is closed. To access all its properties and methods, you must open the database with the Open or OpenIfModified method in NotesDatabase. Only the following properties are available when the database is closed:
  • FileName
  • FilePath
  • IsOpen
  • IsPublicAddressBook
  • IsPrivateAddressBook
  • Parent
  • Server
The properties DesignTemplateName, ReplicaID, and TemplateName will not be initialized until the database is opened.

If the program runs on a workstation, this property includes Domino® Directories, directory catalogs, and Personal Address Books. If the program runs on a server, this property includes only Domino® Directories and directory catalogs on the server.