Launching an object "in-place" or "out-of-place"

About this task

By default, objects are launched "in-place," so that the object can be edited in Notes®. If the object does not support "in-place" editing, then the object will be launched "out-of-place," so that focus shifts to the application used to create the object and Notes® goes into the background.

Only applications that support OLE2 can launch objects "in-place." Applications that support OLE1 always launch "out-of-place," regardless of the "Launch in place" property.

Objects that are embedded in the form as icons always launch "out-of-place."

Note: Autolaunching is not supported on the Macintosh.


  1. Open the form containing the object.
  2. Choose Design - Form Properties.
  3. Click the Launch tab.
  4. Select "Launch in place," or deselect it to launch "out-of-place."
  5. Close and save the form.