Designing a form that launches an object from modal dialog boxes

About this task

You can design the form that launches an object to open as a dialog box. When users create or open a document that opens in a dialog box, they cannot access Notes® menus. Instead, users can:

  • Enter or modify data
  • Launch the first embedded OLE object by clicking a Launch button on the dialog box
  • Choose a command from the Action menu at the end of the dialog box

To set objects to open as a dialog box


  1. Open the form.
  2. Choose Design - Form Properties.
  3. Click the Launch tab.
  4. Select "First OLE object" or a server application from the Auto Launch drop-down list.

    The list includes all registered OLE server applications on your hard drive as well as "First OLE object" to launch the first OLE object on your form. You cannot design the form to open as a dialog box if you select the "First Attachment," "First URL" or "First Document Link" objects.

  5. Select "Present document as modal dialog."
  6. Close and save the form.


Tip: The Hide-When section allows you to decide when to show the modal dialog. You have six options to hide the modal dialog: "Opening create," "Opening edit," "Opening read," "Closing Create," "Closing edit," and "Closing read."