Examples: ColumnValues property (NotesDocument - LotusScript®)

  1. You retrieve a document called currentDoc from a view that has two columns: the first shows the due date of a project (its column formula is the field DueDate), the second describes the project (its formula is "New Project: " + Description).

    On the currentDoc, the DueDate item contains 10/16/95 and the Description item contains "Ad Campaign for Acme." Therefore,

    currentDoc.ColumnValues(0) equals 10/16/95
    currentDoc.ColumnValues(1) equals _
    "New Project: Ad Campaign for Acme" 
  2. You want to look up all the products in the Products view of an Inventory database. This script finds the view and then visits each document in the view to retrieve its first column value (which holds the product name). This is equivalent to performing an @DbColumn.
    server$ = "Tilburg"
    dbfile$ = "inventor.nsf"
    counter% = 1
    Dim db As New NotesDatabase( server$, dbfile$ )
    Dim view As NotesView
    Dim doc As NotesDocument
    Dim productList( 1 To 100 ) As Variant
    Dim currentProduct As Variant
    Set view = db.GetView( "Products" )
    Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument   
    While Not ( doc Is Nothing )         
    ' Get the value on the current document that shows up in 
    ' view's first column
    ' Append this value to our productList array
      currentProduct = doc.ColumnValues( 0 )
      productList( counter% ) = currentProduct
      Set doc = view.GetNextDocument( doc )
      counter% = counter% + 1
    ' There are now counter% - 1 items in the productList
  3. This view action displays all view column values.
    Sub Click(Source As Button)
    	Dim session As New NotesSession
    	Dim db As NotesDatabase
    	Dim view As NotesView
    	Dim doc As NotesDocument
    	Dim i As Integer
    	Dim j As Integer
    	Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
    	Set view= db.GetView("Status")
    	Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument
    	Forall value In doc.ColumnValues
    		' if scalar
    		If Datatype(value) < 8704 Then
    			Msgbox value,, "Column "& i
    		' if multiple values
    			j = 0
    			Forall subvalue In value
    				Msgbox subvalue,, "Column "& i & ", value " & j
    				j = j + 1
    			End Forall
    		End If
    		i = i + 1
    	End Forall
    End Sub