UniversalID (NotesDocument - LotusScript®)

Read-write. The universal ID, which uniquely identifies a document across all replicas of a database. In character format, the universal ID is a 32-character combination of hexadecimal digits (0-9, A-F).

The universal ID is also known as the unique ID or UNID.

Defined in


Data type



To get: unid$ = notesDocument .UniversalID

To set: notesDocument .UniversalID = unid$


If two documents in replica databases share the same universal ID, the documents are replicas.

If you modify the UNID of an existing document, it becomes a new document.

Saving a document with the same UNID as an existing document raises lsERR_NOTES_ERROR (4000).

See @DocumentUniqueID for another way to get the Universal ID of a document and more information.