Responses (NotesDocument - LotusScript®)

Read-only. The immediate responses to a document.

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Data type



To get: Set notesDocumentCollection = notesDocument .Responses


Each document in the collection is an immediate response to the first document. Responses-to-responses are not included. If the current document has no responses, the NotesDocumentCollection contains zero documents.

The value of this property is set when the document is saved, and stored in the backend document. If the notesDocument.Responses property value changes after being defined, a new notesDocument must be defined to access the revised property.

Note: This property is not available for a new document, and will return Nothing. The document must be closed and reopened before the property is available.

If the database option "Disable specialized response hierarchy information" is selected, this property returns an empty collection.

Note: In some cases, the collection returned by this property will include deletion stubs, ghosts of deleted documents that used to be responses to the document. Use the IsValid and IsDeleted properties to test all documents in the collection, before attempting any other operations with it.


This property returns only immediate responses to a document, but you can write a recursive sub or function to access all the descendants of a particular document. A recursive sub calls itself, the same way that a non-recursive sub calls any other sub or function.