Creating a home page for an application

About this task

A home page gives users a logical entry point to an application and provides a summary of the information in the application. Make sure to provide links back to the home page from other places within the site. You can create different home pages to be displayed in a Notes® client or Web client, or use the same home page for both.

A home page should contain the following elements in a pleasing mix of graphics and text:

  • A brief description of the company, product, service, or site
  • Links that navigate to other parts of a site
  • Information for new visitors
  • Information for frequent visitors who need to know what is new
  • A way to search for information
  • If necessary, a way to register on the site to view restricted areas

Create a page with links to other pages, views, documents, or navigators in the same database or other related databases at the site. You should take security issues into account when you decide whether to store the home page in its own database or in a database used for other purposes, such as discussions, user registration, or product information. You generally provide fairly open access to a home page and limit access to other parts of a site.

To set the home page to launch automatically


  1. In the Applications Navigator, double-click Application Properties.
  2. Click the Launch tab.
  3. Under Notes® Client Launch, for Launch, select Open designated navigator.
  4. For Navigator, select Page.
  5. Select the page you want to launch for Notes® clients.
  6. Under Web Browser Launch, for Launch, select Open designated Page.
  7. Select the page you want to launch for Web clients.


To specify a default home page for a Web server


A server administrator can specify a Web site's default home page in the server document for the server. When the administrator sets a default home page in the server document, all databases on that server have the same default page. Contact your server administrator for more information.