Embedding elements

About this task

Embedded elements are objects and controls that can be embedded on a page, form, subform, or document. Elements that can be embedded include:

Embedding elements makes it easier to design a single application for use by both Notes® clients and Web browsers. Many Notes® elements display differently when viewed on a browser. Embedded elements provide functionality in Web applications that closely resemble functionality already available in Notes® applications. Additionally, embedding lets you combine elements on a page or form and use a full range of design features, including frames, tables, styled text, borders, and graphics, to create a high-impact design.

To embed an element


  1. Place the cursor where you want the embedded element to display on a page, form, subform, or rich-text field of a document.
  2. Choose Create - Embedded Element and select the type of element to embed.
  3. Optional: If available for the element, you can enter a formula that specifies under what circumstances it should display.
  4. Optional: Click the embedded element and choose Element - <element> Properties to change the alignment, style, or hide options.

To delete an embedded element


  1. Select the embedded element.
  2. Choose Edit - Delete.