Changing the size and style of a layout region

About this task

You can adjust the size, position, and look of a layout region.


  1. Open a form.
  2. Click the layout region and choose Design - Layout Properties.
  3. Select a different Left setting to move the layout region horizontally. Elements within the layout region stay in a fixed position, relative to the borders of the layout region.
  4. Select a different Width or Height setting to size the layout region perimeter.
  5. Check "Show border" to make the layout region borders visible. To make the borders invisible, uncheck this field.
  6. Check "3D style" to show the layout region in gray and to show fields and buttons as they look in dialog boxes.
  7. Check "Wrap text around region" to have text in the form wrap around the layout region. The default is to have text appear before the layout region.
  8. Click "Show grid" to see the current spacing between elements.
  9. Optional: Do one or more of the following to align and rearrange elements:
    • Click "Snap to grid" to align all elements with the grid.
    • Change the grid size if you want a narrower or wider arrangement of elements.