Designing a form for a Domino® billing application

About this task

Domino® billing is a server function that tracks server usage. Domino® billing tracks only the documents that you specify. To specify the documents to track, you must add one or both of the following hidden fields to the form that creates the documents.

Use this field

To create a billing record when users


Open a document that contains this field


Create, copy, edit, or save a document that contains this field

To specify which documents to track


  1. On the form that you want to track, create a field named $ChargeRead, $ChargeWrite, or create one of each.
  2. Set the field type to Number.
  3. Select Currency.
  4. On the Hide tab, hide the field for all options.
  5. Assign a cost value to the field.

    When users read from or write to documents that contains these fields, the billing task retrieves the cost value in the fields and places it in a document billing record.

  6. Save the form.


Note: If there are many documents you want to track, you can create a shared field and add it to multiple forms. If a database is updated by a template, you can modify the template to include the hidden fields.

For more information on billing, see the Domino® Administrator Help.