The Message Store provider

If you are a Notes® user receiving a message, you use the Message Store provider as the default MAPI handler of messages (instead of using the Message Transport provider). In addition, messages are sent using calls to the Message Store Message Interface rather than the MAPI spooler.

MAPI creates an Outbox folder the first time the Domino® Message Store is accessed. The Outbox folder captures outgoing messages you send from any extended or simple MAPI client (for example, Microsoft Outlook or Office) when you are not connected to the LAN. Messages addressed to Notes® recipients are stored in the Outbox folder and placed in the local database in Domino®. Once a connection to the server is re-established, the messages are transferred. Messages addressed to non-Domino recipients are placed in the outgoing mail queue, the database, and the MAPI spooler handles them.

The MAPI folder interface is mapped onto Domino® folders. You can create, move, copy, rename, and delete folders. You can also create or delete file attachments in messages you compose while using the client application. Attachment data is set or obtained using the IStream or IStorage interfaces. RTF and native HTML are supported.

Note that some message store capabilities may not be supported.