The Address Book provider

The Address Book provider provides access to the Domino® Directories.

The provider searches all name and address books on a server. To specify that the provider search additional Domino® Directories when doing address lookups, set the NAMES= setting in the NOTES.INI file to include the file names of additional Domino® Directories to search. Also, add the names of the Domino® Directories for Options - Addressing during MAPI profile setup. Often, the notes.ini will not contain a NAMES= line. In that case, the default address book (names.nsf) will be used. If you add a NAMES line, do not leave out names.nsf if that is your main address book.

The Address Book provider searches the Domino® Directory for recipients' names according to the order specified in the profile.

Any simple or extended MAPI client can use the Address Book provider to access a Domino® Directory.