Upgrading the Oracle database for HCL Docs

Learn how to upgrade the Oracle database for HCL Docs.


  1. Log in to the Oracle database system.
  2. The SQL scripts are in the DocsApp/oracle directory (versus the DocsApp/setupDB directory for DB2®). If the database server and HCL Docs are installed on different systems, copy the SQL scripts to the system that hosts the database server, using the instructions provided for DB2 in the previous topic (replacing "setupDB" with "oracle").
    Note: Make sure that the user ID has Write privileges for the directory of these scripts.
  3. Linux™: Switch to the Oracle user:
    • su - oracle
  4. Set ORACLE_SID to the Oracle database name that you created with DBCA.
    • Windows™: set ORACLE_SID=idocs
    • Linux: export ORACLE_SID=idocs
    Note: Ensure that the SID is correct or the upgrade process will not work.
  5. Make sure the Oracle server is started.
  6. Run one of the following scripts to update the database schema:
    • Windows: updateDBSchema.bat
    • Linux: . ./updateDBSchema.sh